Vivobarefoot™ Ladies Shoes

Vivobarefoot™ is a minimalist running shoe company, who’s shoes are often associated with, and advocated by the walking barefoot movement and barefoot running community, and have been described as “as close to going barefoot in the city as you can get.”

Vivobarefoot™ have a sole for every terrain

A sole for every terrain, from the city to the mountain to the coast. Tough rubber soles for running, yoga or cross-training. A sole for the commute or a weekend in the great outdoors. Two off-road soles; one for rocky, multi-terrain paths and one for or soft, muddy, extreme conditions. We make shoes on the basis that feet should be allowed to work naturally. Our soles are thin, flat and flexible enough to follow the natural function of the foot, whilst still giving the protection, grip and durability you need to explore your environment safely. They all have a patented puncture resistant layer and let your feet do their natural thing, on every terrain you explore.

Mens Shoes
Ladies Shoes
Vivobarefoot Everyday Lifestyle


The Original, 2003 barefoot lifestyle outsole is where it all began. Light, flexible, grippy and durable, this is pure, everyday sensory clarity for your feet.

Thickness: 3MM
Compound: V-Sense TPU
Vivobarefoot Handcut


Stay smart and grip the ground with subtle, double hexagon grip. Designed to be durable and hard wearing, but still flexible, to let feet move naturally.

Thickness: 4MM
Compound: V-Sense TPU
Vivobarefoot Kids


This multi-terrain, hexagonal lug design is made to give fantastic grip and durability, allowing kids to explore as nature intended, over any surface tree or playground.

Thickness: 3MM
Compound: Tough Rubber
Vivobarefoot Motus


A multi-surface, multi-directional hexagonal design, made with our Tough Rubber compound. Designed to be durable and give great traction for super natural moves in your urban habitat.

Thickness: 4.5MM
Compound: Tough Rubber
Vivobarefoot Outdoor Firm Ground


For moderatley muddy or dry, hard, rocky surfaces. A Tough Rubber outsole, with low-profile, multi-directional lugs, for form ground traction.

Thickness: Base 3MM – Lug 3MM
Compound: Tough Rubber
Vivobarefoot Outdoor Soft Ground


For soft, wet, muddy surfaces. A Tough Rubber outsole, with multi-directional lugs for underfoot grip and tooth like side lugs for medial traction.

Thickness: Base 3MM – Lug 5MM
Compound: Tough Rubber
Vivobarefoot Everyday Multi Terrain


A tough but flexible, concave, hexagonal sole, designed to go from the city to the country on wet, cold and muddy surfaces through the winter months. Made with our sticky rubber performance compound.

Thickness: 5MM
Compound: Sticky Rubber
Vivobarefoot Active URBAN AND GYM


Tuned for the road and treadmill, this flexible, hexagonal, slip resistant sole lets your feet move and grip over hard flat surfaces surface’s with incredible sensory clarity. Made with very durable lightweight TPU.

Thickness: 3MM
Compound: V-Sense TPU